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1/35 Scale Ammunition and Ammunition Boxes

Manufacturer Code Description Material Fits Kit
Armor Research
2019 Soviet 85mm Ammunition WM EE
2021 Soviet 76.2mm Ammunition WM Any
Armorscale A35-003 85mm ZiS-S-53/D-5 Soviet Tank Ammo B EE
A35-013 Soviet 76.2mm Tank Ammo for F-34/ZIS-5 B Any
Hussar Productions 35006 76mm Russian Ammunition for KV-1, KV-1S, T-34, SU-76 R Any
35007 85mm Russian Ammunition R EE
35010 152mm Russian Ammunition (for SU-152, ISU-152) R EE
Model Point MPA319 T-34/76, KV Empty Shell Casings (set of 6) B Any
MPA319-1 T-34/76, KV 76.2mm UBR-354P AP-T Rounds
w/ BR-354P shell (set of 2)
B Any
MPA319-2T-34/76, KV 76.2mm OF-350 HE FRAG Rounds
w/ BR-350 shell (set of 2)
MPA319-3T-34/76, KV 76.2mm UBR-354A AP-T Rounds
w/ BR-350A shell (set of 2)
MPA319-4T-34/76, KV 76.2mm UOF-354B AP-T Rounds
w/ BR-350B shell (set of 2)
MPA319-5T-34/76, KV 76.2mm USh-354T Rounds
w/ Sh-354T shell (set of 2)
MPA320 T-34/85/KV-85/SU-85 Empty Shell Casings (set of 3) B EE
MPA320-1 T-34/85/KV-85/SU-85 UBR-365P AP-T Rounds
w/ BR-365P shell (set of 2)
MPA320-2T-34/85/KV-85/SU-85 UO-365 HE FRAG Rounds
w/ O-365 shell (set of 2)
MPA320-3T-34/85/KV-85/SU-85 UBR-365K AP-T Rounds
w/ BR-365K shell (set of 2)
Tank Workshop TWS1065 Russian 76.2mm Ammo Boxes R Any
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