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KV-85 Turret from AResin

Scott Woodward from Wanamaker Hobbies has sent me a number of 1/35 scale items from a Russian manufacturer named AResin, including one listed as 'IS-85 Turret' but which can be fitted to either a KV-85 or IS-85/IS-1.

The set includes a turret shell with the proper symmetrical turret roof shape, along with separate front casting, mantlet, gun barrel, cupola and other small details. The only parts not present are the handrails for the turret sides and rear.

The turret is intended to fit AResin's item #35006, which provides early IS series 'broken nose' hull top for Tamiya's IS-2 kit. More on this item in another news article. However, with minimal modification to the underside of the turret, it can be mated to Trumpeter's KV-85 hull to provide (at last!) a correct KV-85.

KV-85 Pic 1

The 33 parts are cleanly cast in light grey resin with minimal flash and relatively small pour blocks that should not pose any problems when cleaning up the parts.

KV-85 Pic 2

The hatches have interior detail, as does the commander's cupola, and the set includes the interior vision blocks for the cupola.

KV-85 Pic 3

AResin products have been rather difficult to obtain outside Russia but Wanamaker Hobbies is planning to carry AResin as one of their regular lines, so reach out to them via their website to order.

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