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IS-1 and IS-2 Parts from AResin

Scott Woodward from Wanamaker Hobbies has sent me a number of 1/35 scale items from a Russian manufacturer named AResin, including an early IS series 'broken nose' front hull as fitted to IS-85/IS-1 and early IS-122/IS-2 vehicles, and an early IS-2 turret with the narrow mantlet.

The broken nose hull, item #35006, is intended to backdate the Tamiya IS-2 kit #35289 to the earlier front hull configuration, as manufactured by both UZTM and Factory No.200 from October 1943 until June 1944, though the later angled bow began to be introduced in April.

The main part in the set provides the glacis and upper front hull including the turret ring, but does not include the front fenders, so you'll need to carefully cut them off the Tamiya part, or use aftermarket fenders.

The set also includes the driver's visor, periscopes and early pattern towing hooks

IS Broken Nose

The early IS-2 turret, item #35008, depicts the first pattern of asymmetrical 122mm turret introduced in December 1943, with the commander's cupola relocated to the left to avoid the gun breech, the turret roof extended to the left and a curved section added to the upper rear portion of the turret side to match the roof. This design was further modified in the spring of 1944 with a re-contoured turret roof and rear left-hand turret side as depicted in the DML and Tamiya kits.

IS-2 Early Turret 001

The turret set also provides the early, narrow 122mm gun mantlet as fitted along with the 10T-17 sight, prior to the spring of 1944. It includes both the early 'German style' muzzle brake as well as the later and more common TsAKB muzzle brake, fitted from March 1944 onwards.

IS-2 Early Turret 002

The AResin broken nose hull can be used in three ways:

  • Mated with AResin's KV-85/IS-1 turret, it will backdate the Tamiya IS-2 kit to an IS-85/IS-1
  • Mated with the AResin early IS-2 turret, it will backdate the Tamiya IS-2 kit to an initial production IS-122/IS-2
  • Mated with the turret included in the Tamiya IS-2 kit, it allows you to depict an IS-2 with the early hull but the wider mantlet and TSh-17 sight, as seen on vehicles completed by Factory No.200 in May/early June 1944

AResin products have been rather difficult to obtain outside Russia but Wanamaker Hobbies is planning to carry AResin as one of their regular lines, so reach out to them via their website to order.

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