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KV-2 Model 1940 (November/December 1940)

86 KV-2 Model 1940s were completed at LKZ in November/December 1940.  These vehicles were based on Model 1939 hulls but mounted the 152mm M-10S howitzer in the later MT-2 turret.  Modeling this sub-variant requires cross-kitting Trumpeter kit #00311 Russia KV 'Big Turret' with their kit #00312 Russia KV-2 Tank.  Kit #00311 provides the hull, running gear and many of the detail parts while kit #00312 provides the turret and main armament.

Begin with kit #00311.

In step 1 of the kit instructions, DO NOT open up the hole in the center of the engine access hatch (part C2).  This hole allows you to the inspection port for the engine cooling system's pressure relief valve, which was not fitted until the cooling system was revised at the end of 1941, long after production of the KV-2 had ceased.

On part A27, the instructions direct you to open up the innermost slot for the power conduit leading to the headlamp and siren.  This is incorrect.  Open up the outermost slot (that is, the one closest to the edge of the hull top) instead.

In addition to opening up the indicated holes on the fenders, open up the pair of holes on the number 5 position on the left-hand fender (part C1).  This will allow you to fit the cross-cut saw and its bracket which were present in this position on the early production batch of KV-2 Model 1940s.

Follow step 2 of the instructions.

In step 3, omit the two rearmost lifting eyes on the transmission compartment roof plate and fill their locating holes.  The kit provides four lifting eyes but there should be only two.

Follow step 4 of the instructions.

In step 5, the kit provides the correct radiator intake screens but you may wish to replace these with after-market items.  Aber 35 191, 35 G16 and Eduard 35888 provide the correct pattern.

In step 6, use the road wheels from kit #00312 (parts E1, E2, E3 and E4).  These represent the modified road wheels with six cooling vents on the inner discs, which were introduced at the end of September 1940 and are therefore appropriate for a KV-2 Model 1940 completed in November or December.

Follow step 7 of the instructions.

In step 8, DO NOT open up the hole in the engine access hatch (part C2). The inspection port (part A18) was not fitted to the KV-2 Model 1940.

Follow steps 9, 10, and 11 of the instructions.

In step 12, the kit lacks the cross-cut saw and its bracket, which must be mounted on the number 5 position on the left-hand fender.  Trumpeter kits #00356 and #00357 both provide this part but it is not required for most sub-variants of the KV-1 Model 1940 so you may have this part in your spares box.

Skip step 13 since you will use the MT-2 turret from kit #00312.  More on this below.

In step 14, construct and attach the tow cables as directed.

Switch to kit #00312, and go to step 13.

Carefully carve and sand away the flanges around the ventilator covers on the turret roof.  The flanges did not appear until March 1941 and were only fitted to the second batch of KV-2 Model 1940s manufactured in May/June 1941.

Discard the side-facing episcope covers (parts L9) and use the covers from kit #00311 (parts K10) instead.  Remove the partial flange from part L8 before attaching it to the turret roof.

The sides of the recuperator cover (part L18) feature grooves allowing access to the attachment bolts.  These were added on the second production batch in the spring of 1941 when the recuperator cover armor was thickened.  For a November/December 1940 production example, the sides of the recuperator cover should be sanded down prior to adding parts L16 and L17.  Sand away enough material to remove the grooves, taking care to preserve the correct angles.

The kit's gun barrel is 3mm too short.  It also has overly prominent grooves around its circumference representing the joints between the sections of the barrel sleeve.  On the real vehicle, the joints were barely visible.  The easiest way to overcome these problems is to replace  the barrel with the barrel from Aber 35 191 or Jordi Rubio TG80.

Attach the completed turret to the hull, and your model is finished.

By following these steps, you will create an accurate replica of one of the 86 KV-2 Model 1940s manufactured in November and December 1940.

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