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KV-1 Model 1942 w/ Reinforced Cast Turret (August/September 1942)

This final sub-variant of the KV-1 Model 1941 is a simple conversion from Trumpeter kit #00360 Russia KV-1 Model 1942 Lightweight Cast Tank.  Only minor corrections and updates are required to depict the final production changes such as the circular mounting plates for the towing eyes..

Prior to step 1 of the instructions, you are directed to open up the outermost slot of the steel conduit that carried the power cable for the headlamp and siren; that is, the slot closest to the hull side.  This is incorrect for a Model 1942 hull.  Instead, open up the innermost slot.

Follow step 1 of the instructions, but remove the trapezoidal mounting plates for the towing eyes from the lower rear hull (part A12).  Create new circular mounting plates from discs of 0.8mm styrene sheet, 4mm in diameter.

In step 2, carefully cut the trapezoidal mounting plates from the towing eyes (parts A19).  As above, create new circular mounting plates from discs of 0.8mm styrene sheet, 4mm in diameter.

Note that the kit provides the short applique armor plate for the driver's front plate (part D18) as fitted to hulls manufactured by UZTM.  However, UZTM ceased producing KV hulls in June 1942 and switched over to T-34 production, leaving Factory No.200 as the sole fabricator of KV-1 hulls.  Hulls from Factory No.200 used the taller applique armor plate.  To accurately represent a hull from Factory No.200, you must fabricate your own applique armor plate from 0.8mm styrene sheet, using the kit part as a guide but extending the upper edge of the plate by approximately 3mm.

Follow steps 3 and 4.

In step 5, note that the surround for the crew hatch in the forward hull top (part F15) must be blended into the hull top (part A27).  There should be no seam around the outside of part F15.

Follow step 6.

In steps 7 and 8, the kit provides the all-steel reinforced road wheels introduced in late 1941.  These are correct for a final production Model 1942 but photographs indicate that a few vehicles did carry wheels with lightening holes that were introduced for the KV-1S, as shown in the drawing on page 345 of KV - Technical History and Variants.  For a vehicle with the later wheels, your only choice is to use Azimut Production's set 35311 which provides a partial set of these wheels for the outer road wheel halves.  You must either combine these wheels with kit parts for the inner halves, or use two of the Azimut sets.

In Step 8, note that the kit only provides the domed engine access hatch, and not the flat access hatch.  Both types of hatch were commonly fitted to Model 1942 hulls.  The flat hatch is provided as an optional part in Trumpeter kit #00358, so you can take it from that kit if you choose to model a vehicle with the flat hatch.

In step 11, you may wish to replace the grab handles on the turret sides (parts D15) with brass wire, and fill their locating slots.

Fill the socket in the center of the turret hatch (part D19).  KV-1 turret hatches did not include the socket, though KV-2 turret hatches did.

Follow the remaining steps in the kit instructions.

By following these steps along with the kit instructions, you will create an accurate representation of a final production KV-1 Model 1942 manufactured at ChKZ in August or September 1942.

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