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General Comments

After the release of their 1/35 scale series of KV-1 and KV-2 kits, Trumpeter has replicated these releases in 1/72 scale.  The subject choices are identical to the 1/35 scale range and the engineering of the kits is very similar, though somewhat simplified.

All Trumpeter’s 1/72 scale range of KV subjects include a lower hull molded as a conventional tub with the suspension swing arms, bump stops, return roller mounts and track tensioning devices molded integrally with the hull tub.  Trumpeter provides two different road wheel/return roller sprues depending on the particular variant:

  • The 'early' sprue includes pressed-steel two-part resilient road wheels with six cooling vents on the inner discs, as fitted between October 1940 and June 1941.  It also includes pressed steel rubber-rimmed return rollers.
  • The 'late' sprue includes all-steel reinforced road wheels as fitted from October/November 1941 onward.  It also includes all-steel return rollers introduced around the same time.

All the kits include 'rubber band' tracks representing the Omsh pattern with a guide tooth on every link.  Unlike Trumpeter's 1/35 scale kits, link-and-length styrene tracks are not provided.  Numerous reviewers have reported that these tracks are difficult or impossible to attach using either styrene cement or CA glues.  Some have reported success using black sewing thread to join the ends of the tracks.

All the kits provide the upper hull as a single component with integrally molded fenders and fender brackets.  The engine access hatch, radiator intake screens and transmission maintenance hatches are all molded integrally with the upper hull, though the crew hatch in the forward hull is a separate component.

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