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Variation on Hull Front Applique Armor from Ian Sadler

Ian Sadler recently sent me some photographs from his collection, which show an interesting variation on the hull front applique armor fitted to KV-1s. Ian's photos and comments on this armor, originally posted on, are posted below with his permission.

While researching through my load of photos on the KV 1 series of tanks one popped out of the page. I must have seen this a hundred times over but never noticed the unusual cut outs in the front lower applique armour over the towing brackets . They are eye shaped, not your normal ones. I sent this copy to Neil Stokes for comment , and yes it is new to him and me.  The outcome is it is a 90 mm turret with short applique armour on the drivers area, built by ChTZ/ ChKZ in autumn or winter 1941 , it also has the box shaped gunners periscope fitted.  Maybe a rebuild.

KV-1 Eye-shaped cutouts

This is the side view of the same tank again.  I now have a different tank with the same arrangement and since it adds no more info it is not worth posting up.

KV-1 Eye-shaped cutouts 02

Copyright unknown German soldier for research only

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