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Italeri entered into a licensing arrangement with Zvezda whereby Italeri reboxes and markets the Italeri IS series kits under their own label.

Italeri's IS-2/J.Stalin II Soviet Heavy Battle Tank kit (#281) is a reboxed version of Zvezda's kit #3524 JS-2 Soviet Heavy Tank.

The kit provides two marking options:

  • Soviet Army, Battle of Berlin, 1945.  Though not stated in the kit instructions, this is a vehicle from the 7th Independent Guards Heavy Tank Brigade.

  • Soviet Army, winter 1945.  This is possibly a vehicle from the 78th Independent Guards Heavy Tank Regiment.

Both of these vehicles are finished in overall Protective Green 4BO.

Italieri's ISU-152 Self Propelled Gun (#296) is a reboxed version of Zvezda's kit #3532 ISU-152 Soviet Tank Destroyer.

The Italeri kit provides new decals, offering a single marking option described only as 'Soviet Army 1944-1945' in overall Protective Green 4BO.  The markings include a tactical symbol on the front of the superstructure, a two-digit tactical number '65' in red-outlined white on the forward superstructure sides, and a slogan on the rear superstructure sides that translates loosely as 'Liberate Kirov'

Comments made for the Zvezda kits apply equally to the Italeri versions.

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