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1/35 Scale Turrets and Turret Armor

Manufacturer Code Description Material Fits Kit
Aber 35A50 Anti-Panzerfaust Shields used on T-34 and also on IS-2 during Berlin offensive
Mig Productions
35-504 JS-II Photo Etch Stand-Off Armour

Etched brass stand-off armor panels and mounting brackets as seen on some IS-2s in Berlin, 1945
Miniarm B35001 JS-II Turret

Resin turret with turned aluminum gun barrel and milled muzzle brake.   The turret features a Mk.IV vision device for the gunner as introduced in the spring of 1944, and the widened mantlet added to accommodate the TSh-17 sighting telescope around the same time.  This set addresses the minor height issue with DML's IS series turrets but will fit any 1/35 scale kit.
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